Menu à la carte


Puff-pastry basket with artichokes

fondue of Valtellina cheese and crispy

€ 12
Cappuccino of pumpkin
with ricotta cream

red shrimp tartare and coral of cuttlefish ink

€ 14
Octopus cooked at low temperature

caramelized in wine with carrot cream, ginger and langhe hazelnut

€ 14
Salted meat tartare

with mountain aromatic herbs, smoked bouillon and Sichuan pepper

€ 13
Cold cuts

with fried dumplings

€ 14
Cheese board

with confitures

€ 12
Cold cuts and cheese board

with fried dumplings

€ 20

First course


with braised veal

€ 22
Pizzoccheri of Valtellina

buckwheat pasta with potatoes, valtellina cheese and leaf beet

€ 14
Dumplings with scallops and shrimps

with crispy sour-sweet vegetables and soy emulsion

€ 17
Spaghettone (thick spaghetti) with pumpkin cream

Sea urchin pulp and bottarga (Mediterranean caviar)

€ 16
Bigoli (long thick pasta, made with buckwheat flour)

with deer ragù and flakes of pecorino DOP

€ 16

Secondi Piatti

Grilled diaphragm

marinated with lime

€ 18
Braised beef

with mashed potatos

€ 18
Duck breast, marinated with aromatic herbs

with green salad

€ 21
Mixed fried fish

with vegetables

€ 20
Tuna in pistachio crust

with vegetables tagliatelle (vegetables cut in the form of ribbons)

€ 18


Home made french fried patatoes
€ 6
Oven roasted patatoes
€ 5
€ 6
Grilled vegetables (zuchini, aubergines, sweet pepper)
€ 6


Dark chocolate Fondant

with a white chocolate liquid “heart” and raspberry coulis

€ 6
Forest fruits tartlets

with Chantilly cream

€ 6
Cheesecake “New York”

with raspberry, chocolate or orange topping

€ 6
Camilla cake

with carrots and almonds flour with chocolate glaze

€ 6
€ 6
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